I didn’t expect to be sitting here late at night with a mug of hot cocoa typing on Medium. But I have meaning to log in all week…all month…perhaps for most of the year, or since 2014, and this is as good a time as any with a quiet atmosphere and a delicious beverage.

I enjoy writing…or typing as it should perhaps now be known…and getting ideas and thoughts into words. It is important to share, and I have been overwhelmed with the vast amount of options available to do that. I’m not huge on social media — it serves a useful purpose — but the true power of interconnected communication as standard today is the ability to share. This is my aim, and the “medium” to achieve that right now is this wonderful community of the same name.

Writing posts inevitably means more time in front of the computer, so I will need to reduce computer time elsewhere. Easier said than done!

I’ll write on a wide variety of topics, likely to include education, teaching practice, politics, political risk analysis, travel, the United Kingdom, Mexico, economics, innovation, disruptive technologies, computing, books I read, finance, cultural observations and personal reflections! This list was typed randomly as the words entered my head, but they give you an idea of my interests and background. Sometimes my attention is in too many places at once but I’m certain Medium can accommodate that.

I will connect posts with LinkedIn and other channels where appropriate. I’d also like to have my own website — but am lacking in Wordpress skills to build it quickly or know what shape I want it to take. But this is my great excuse to learn WP in any case.

With no cocoa left it’s time to sign off for now. Thanks for reading my (second) post…JR.

P.S. My first post when I was learning how to use Medium and noted some random thoughts of the moment was way back in 2014. FYI: https://medium.com/@ReadJohn/oh-dear-our-politicians-live-in-a-pure-safe-empire-whats-your-3-word-address-92cdb6a0b1c0#.c55ogdeql

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