Trickle-Down Health Care: How We Could Actually Fix The US Health System
Shane Snow

‘re: “ The problem is e design of the system itself.”

This is flawed. Fatally.

Let’s be clear, by far the biggest component of the “healthcare system” are — wait for it — the citizens/consumers in the system. There isn’t a system in the world that bear the weight (literally) of what we expect from our healthcare system.

And since healthcare is a limited resource, demand will help drive overall price. In short, why does the system charge what is does? Because. It. Can.

“Change my diet? Oh hell no doc. Just give me a pill.”

“Take time to take care of myself? Buzz off doc. I don’t have time to walk, there’s too much on TV that can’t be missed.”

“Quit smoking? Ha. I can’t be bothered.”

Yes, I know you’ve discussed prevention. The problem is you also said the quote above. It’s time we stop lying to ourselves. It’s time to put down and the chips & dip and stop blaming “the system” for our individual health/lifestyle choices.

Once the system isn’t wasting resource on the unnecessary (read: the preventable) then ALL will benefit — including those who have real (read: not preventable) health issues.

Put another way, Starbucks would make more money charging a penny per pound at the door then they do serving 10,000 calorie #FirstWorldDietProblems. No Virginia you are not entitled to punish your body and send someone else the bill. Sugar is an unhealthy luxury, not a cheap substitute for a culinary triggered orgasm.

Enough already.