What’s that mystery in your inbox costing you?
Jason Fried

re: “ You have to click through and read everything just to figure out if there was anything worth reading. That’s the very definition of wasting time.”

Yes. But isn’t this just life in general? Pause. Now think of your day, from the moment you woke up til now. How much of the “data” (i.e., sensory input) you’ve consumed had noticeable value? Obviously, aside from red lights and your shoe being untied ;)

Typically, we’re on autopilot. We’re human, and swatting data gnats — waiting for that single important “fact” that’s of possible value — is what we do. Words that are placeholders. Signs and ads everywhere. Background “music.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

It’s no wonder we’ve lost our minds — to the point of being stupid? —we’ve taxed our brains our, our (sensory) lives with a spectacular amount of pointless bullshit. Junkfood. But for the human brain.

Ha! My inbox is the least of my worries.

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