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Email overload is an issue that many of us face today. On any given day, we’re bombarded with all kinds of emails and we aren’t even interested in most of them

This is one of the core problems we’ve practically solved with Spark’s Smart Inbox feature that automatically and intelligently sorts all incoming email for you, so that you can focus on what’s important.

However, this email overload scenario is especially true and far more worse in the case of journalists. Journalists and reporters receive a ton of emails every day, and unlike a typical user, many of the emails they receive are related to the very work they do every day. A lot of these emails are pitches from teams and companies that have worked very hard on their products or services are looking to get some press coverage about it. …

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Today, we’re happy to announce a great update to the Readdle’s Documents app with the exciting WiFi Transfer technology.

Transferring files is something we do all the time. Be it a song, a new season of your fave TV show or a picture, you want to do it at warp speed and with no hassle.

In this world of booming technology though, sharing something across devices is still irritatingly counterintuitive and complicated.

You can AirDrop a file, email it to yourself, use 3rd party apps, iTunes or upload it to a cloud and then download from the necessary device. All of these get the job done, but at Readdle, we strive for excellence. …

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