Are websites still an effective marketing tool?

Many things about technology seem fleeting. Even today’s best smart phone will be antiquated in a matter of months. The need to have the best in technology is something that many businesses find unfeasible, so much that they forsake technology altogether when it comes to their daily operations.

Some businesses abandon the idea of having something as simple as a plain website for their customers to obtain more information. They think of it as too costly or as an investment that won’t pay off any time soon.

The decision not to have a website is one of the greatest modern marketing mistakes that you could make.

You’re turning down low-cost marketing, free publicity and, arguably most important of all, the chance to connect with the customers that drive your business.

Let’s explore why a website is one of the most cost-efficient and effective marketing tools that the modern business can have while examining if you really need a professional web design to accompany it.

How Important is a Website?

Understanding how important a website is to the modern business requires that you first understand how people have integrated with technology.

The typical consumer has a smart phone, a computer or both. They can access the Internet, and chances are that they do so frequently. They’re proficient in searching for information using search engines, and they likely have one or more social networking accounts.

That describes the current group of people whom utilize the Internet.

Consider the fact that this group is growing ever larger. The price of smart phones and computers is becoming increasingly more accessible to people with lower incomes. The features that high-end technology can provide become better and more capable of supporting feature-rich web design. Those features become available within a few years to other levels of consumers.

As this group increases in size and degrees of Internet accessibility, so too does their reliance upon technology for all sorts of information. That presents a unique opportunity to your business.

Bridging the Gap

As it becomes more possible for consumers to research and to utilize the Internet to solve their problems, the number of potential consumers increases. More people will notice things like brands, user reviews and a slew of other features closely associated with modern public relations.

A website with a modern web design is the first step in bridging the gap between your business and potential consumers. As a marketing tool, it offers a place to find information about products and services while cultivating customers that will loyally support your brand for countless coming years.

The best part is that a website is one of the most efficient marketing tools available to you. You need only create content, pay for a professional web design once every few years, and pay for hosting and domain name registration.

The Problem: You’re Not the Only One Using Web Design as a Marketing Tool

The problem with having your own website is that yours isn’t the only one available for users to browse. Other businesses recognize the value in having a website, which means that they are readily trying to grab the same potential consumers you are.

The best way to beat out your competition is with a cutting-edge responsive web design that allows your visitors to remember your website. This allows your website to become your primary marketing tool that you can use when operating on social networks, advertising on television and anywhere else.

That makes answering the question of “Is having a website still an important marketing tool?” as simple as asking you if you want to be able to reach billions of potential customers around the globe. The answer should be a resounding “Yes!” for you by now, because your competition may be trying to squeeze you out already if not.

This originally appeared on the Web Chimpy blog

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