Best Hack to Stay Motivated and Avoid Burnout — Freedom Calendar

No matter how much you love your job, burnout is a dangerous trap to guard against. Burnout happens when we run out of steam in our pursuit of goals. It’s that simple. The only way to avoid this is to take regular, planned escapes. But how do you stay motivated in the meantime?

We like to use something called a freedom calendar.

In your daily life and work, you no doubt are familiar with to do lists, project plans, and appointment calendars. Those tools are essential for getting your various jobs done effectively.

A freedom calendar does the same thing, except all of the planning points to vacation time. We believe international travel is the best way to clear one’s head and enjoy all the fascinating things the world has to offer.

It’s the countdown you did before your fifth-grade field trip. It’s the countdown you did before your graduation day. It’s the countdown you did before turning 21.

This hack has several benefits that we’ll outline below.

Benefit #1) Motivation

Quite often, the future reward of an upcoming vacation is enough to motivate us through the day. This works even if the vacation day is far away. That’s because the constant reminder tells you that the work you’re doing will soon be rewarded.

The freedom calendar serves as a countdown until you’re free from stress.

Benefit #2) Plan for international travel

If you get to travel abroad to shake off stress, good for you! There’s nothing like exploring a new place to energize. To avoid any additional stress, plan ahead of time.

Creating a project plan for vacation will help you make the necessary bookings and know what to pack (like a Schengen visa).

Research on the tourist spots and local diners to visit. Grab a book for inspiration.

Also, make sure that you get an international travel insurance. You may not need it now, but it’s something you must have when traveling overseas. You don’t want to know about the worst that could happen. (But if you do, read this.)


It’s easy enough to make a freedom calendar. For many, they use an ordinary calendar to mark the dates until the BIG DAY. For others, a calendar app is a way to go. It doesn’t matter how you mark your freedom. The important thing is you get your second wind from it to finish all your work until your vacation.

Everyone needs time to rest, recharge, and reflect on the lessons you’ve learned in life. Use your calendar to motivate you to keep pushing forward until your vacation day.

What’s on your freedom calendar? Let us know in the comments.

This originally appeared on the Insurabroad blog