How Much Do Aesthetics and Design Matter?

One of the most common misconceptions we run into at Web Chimpy is the idea that aesthetics, or how “pretty” your website is, don’t matter. Many people hold true to the belief that if your website functions properly, it can have great conversion scores and aesthetics don’t really matter.

On the contrary, website aesthetics are extremely important in user experience and enhancing usability for your visitors. A nice and clean looking web design attracts visitors and increases conversion. Your website visitors will judge you on the look of your website, and nowadays a company’s website is often their chance at a first impression.

Stanford University once conducted a study with over 2500 participants to find out how people assess a website’s overall credibility. They had users judge multiple websites and decide what criteria makes them considered credible. Nearly half of all consumers in the study judged a website’s credibility on it’s overall visual appeal. Obviously, a pretty website doesn’t make up for lack of function. However, superb functioning doesn’t make up for a mediocre website design either.


One of the main reasons behind having a visually appealing website is the psychology involved. The amount of psychology and thinking involved in creating the best website may shock you. First, your website must properly represent your brand so your customers can make the association with the rest of your products and marketing materials. Second, your color choice must represent your intended message. Mild, earth tones present a more soothing vibe. While bright, neon colors may attract attention, the last thing you want to do is scare your customers away.


It’s true- using stock images is easy and convenient. You can effortlessly add professional looking photographs to your website that add a professional edge. However, studies indicate that “perfect” looking images do not convert as well as legitimate and imperfect images.

To summarize, many people and business owners underestimate the importance of having a professional looking web design. More and more people are relying on search engines and the internet to find what they are looking for, and if you do not stay current, you take the risk of being left behind.

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