How to Spot a Quality Web Designer

For a professional website that promotes your business or services, hiring a skilled and honest web designer is key to a successful site. The best designers are those who are aware of how to make the design of your website aesthetically pleasing and modern, as well as knowing how to improve the functionality of the site. When looking for a great designer, there are a few important factors to keep in mind throughout your search.

They are Up Front and Honest

While shopping around for web designers, look for a one that is upfront and honest by providing a thorough quote that outlines the cost of every part of the project. They will not charge you by the page or add on extra fees for making adjustments throughout the process. As your business grows, the designer should also be flexible by charging a minimal amount to add extra pages or graphics on the website.

Gives You Full Control of the Domain

The best web designers are those who are familiar with registering the domain name with all with your contact info instead of their own. If a designer enters their own information, it can be impossible to update the content or images yourself without paying the outsourced designer.

Experienced with Code

Web designers are those who write HTML code for the design of the website. They should be able to fully communicate and understand all of the functions of each page for a professional site. Look for someone who won’t just create an attractive website, but will also work to build the user flow and overall experience through prototypes. Prototype designs are crucial to forming a professional and functional website that is easy to navigate.

Those who can write code by hand will work to prevent code bloat, which is caused by software programs that are less detailed.

High Design Skill Level

The honest web designer that you choose to use should easily be able to create logos, edit images, and design navigation graphics for each page. Look at the designer’s own site or their portfolio to determine if they are able to create a variety of looks. You can also ask if they have any web design awards or are a current member of any web design guilds.

Solid SEO Skills

Although web developers are more likely to integrate the SEO portion of your web site, an honest web designer should still be well-versed with increasing keyword ranking that is search engine friendly. They should be passionate about getting your website noticed and increasing the amount of organic traffic that it receives. Although it may sound impressive if they promise to design a top-listing in the search engines with the site, this is almost impossible unless the algorithms are changed at an incredibly high rate. Instead, a great designer will work to provide unique content and will link the website to other locations for a higher chance of improving the ranking on the web.

This originally appeared on the Web Chimpy Blog

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