The Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Inbound marketing is set to completely change the lead generation process for insurance agencies in 2016.

If you’re not familiar with the term or the concept, here’s a brief description, according to marketing automation giant HubSpot:

The Inbound Methodology covers each and every step taken, tool used, and lifecycle stage traveled through on the road from stranger to customer.
It empowers marketers to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers, and delight promoters.
You do it using tools and applications that help you create and deliver content that will appeal to precisely the right people (your buyer personas) in the right places (channels) at just the right times (lifecycle stages).

In even simpler terms, inbound has flipped the script on traditional sales & marketing in that instead of going to them, your target audience comes to you.

The primary weapons are social media, great websites, and great content in the form of a company or personal blog.

Inbound Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Insurance is an incredibly rewarding profession and can be highly lucrative.

It’s also an industry that is heavily entrenched in the old way of doing things.

This presents an incredible opportunity for those who are willing to change and adapt to new technologies and mediums of exchange. Agents and brokers who embrace and invest in inbound will reap the benefits of being first movers.

Those who refuse should begin planning for retirement.

What makes inbound marketing so effective for insurance agents?

First, some facts about the effect inbound has had on the industry:

  • Insurance agencies that use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy have acquired at least 30% of their new clients from those efforts.
  • The same Hubspot study disclosed that 61% of insurance agencies have acquired new clients from Linkedin.
  • 40% of agencies have gained new clients by using Twitter.

These numbers show that inbound marketing for insurance is not just an advertising fad or a trick. With the right approach, it is a flat-out game-changer.

The Process

To achieve success with this kind of stragegy, first accept that it isn’t a cheap trick that you can expect to work overnight. The process of finding the right approach is time-intensive and riddled with complexities.

I tell my clients all the time, “Do things you can sustain.” By this, I mean that to see results, you’ll have to commit to a strategy and faithfully execute, week-in and week-out.

Lots of agents get really excited, only to lose steam as soon as things get busy. This simply won’t get the job done.

Commit to the long game.

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