Readster — Discover new books (Media Kit)

Readster is minimalistic book recommendation app. Create recommendation list based on story, figures, setting of story and composition.

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Book recommendations based on three fictions


The application in use occasionally asks simple questions. It identifies the nature of characters, writing style of book, various story lines, etc. Identified information will be used when establishing the recommendation list.

Application identifie the main character from the book - “The catcher in the Rye”

Different view of book recommendation

Most of the recommendations of books creates a list based on three basic principles:

  • First, give me a book that you like and I recommend further
  • Second, give me your friends and I will tell you what they like
  • Third, tell me at the beginning what you read and I will recommend you what to do next.

So we decided to create a recommendation system in the style of the music streaming services like pandora radio, spotify etc. Where the playlist is formed based on various songs in real time. We decided to implement this idea also to the world of books recommendation.

Just enter from one to three books that you like then Readster creates a list based on their matching properties.

Who made Readster ?

Booklovers Marek, Michael a Liv. Marek — UI designer, frontend developer loves eternal rebel in the style of Holden Caulfield etc., Michael — backend developer, geek, hacker, lover of several layers things in the style of Umberto Ecco and so on. Liv — betatester, support, beauty loving mysterious men in black Volvo of Nordic criminal stories.

Readster Promo video

Media Description

Readster is minimalistic book recommendations app. Discover new book based on another books penetrating properties. Recommendation based on story, figures, setting of story and composition.


  • Discover new book based on penetrating properties
  • Recommendation based on story, figures, setting of story and composition
  • Small frontend, big backend
  • Search for books by scanning ISBN
  • Simple reading log
  • Save and share book list

Looking for a book with a strong story as by Alexander Dumas? Dreamy rebel as Holden Caulfield? Hemingway´s reportial writing style? By combining common characteristics Readster can find the best books to read.


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Marek and rest of team, special thanks to Robleh Jama for medium media kit idea.