Helping Students Prepare for Success After High School

2017 Washington Teacher of the Year Camille Jones with her third grade students at Pioneer Elementary in Quincy, WA

Hello! Welcome to Ready Washington’s Medium page. Here you’ll find great content from all over Washington state about how students are preparing for success after high school, as well as resources and tools about why high expectations matter for our students.

Before we get to the stories, we want to tell you a little bit about Ready Washington. We are a coalition of education communicators, advocates and policy experts who believe all students should be prepared for college, career and life. Our coalition is co-led by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Partnership for Learning. Our members are state and local education agencies, associations and advocacy organizations. We came together in 2013 to help students, families, teachers and our communities understand the state’s learning standards and assessments — and why these tools matter for helping kids get ready for college and career.

What exactly do we do? We help tell the story of the value of Washington’s college and career ready standards and assessments through videos, fact sheets, posters, presentations, digital content, and more. For example, check out one of our recent videos about why five Washington high school students are opting in for a better education:

2017 ‘Opt In for Student Success’ Winners

And here’s an infographic that explains how students can use their Smarter Balanced assessment scores to plan their path:

Download the Infographic here.

Our resources are designed to provide families and schools with information about making the most of learning standards and assessments as tools in students’ education.

And why exactly standards and assessments matter? Our state will have more than 700,000 job openings over the next five years, most of which will require a postsecondary credential of some kind — from apprenticeship training to an industry certificate to a two- or four-year college degree. We want Washington students to be ready for these jobs.

Our state’s learning standards lay out what students need to know and be able to do once they graduate, such as writing, problem solving and critical thinking. The state assessments students take are designed to measure students’ progress toward meeting these goals. Students’ performance on these assessments give them, along with their parents and teachers, important information about whether they are ready to take more advance courses, or if they need a little extra help.

Stay tuned for stories and information about ways students, families and teachers can use Washington’s college and career ready learning standards and assessments as tools to help all students succeed in the career path of their choice. You can also join our email list or keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!



Supporting college and career ready goals and standards for every K-12 student in Washington state. Connect on Facebook:

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Ready Washington

Supporting college and career ready goals and standards for every K-12 student in Washington state. Connect on Facebook: