US and Russia Clash in Syria

The lastest round of military encounters with Russia in the Middle East seem to be pushing us ever closer to a war with the Russian Federation. We’ve shot down a Syrian fighter jet, a Russian jet buzzed one of our own, and we shot down an Iranian drone over Syria. The Russians shut down the ever important hot line between the U.S. and Russia, that is designed to prevent conflict. For example: If an American jet were to fly into Russian airspace we’d pick up the phone and make it known that it was a mistake and that the jet is not hostile. This is no longer available to the U.S. Our pilots are going to have to be increasingly more cautious from here going forward. Let us hope that this is just a show of military might and not the brink of war.

The death of Otto Warmbier is seen as a potential act of war on part of the DPRK (North Korea) by many political analysts. I don’t believe it’s an act of war, but I do think it shines light on the egregious human rights violations that the North Koreans have committed since the founding of the very secluded, secretive nation. Human rights violations that I’m sure most Americans are well aware of and have been for decades.

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