Equaliser August Update (#1)

Transparency for any project is paramount; At Equaliser, this is key. We would like to warmly welcome you to our August monthly update.

Forward: This is a brief summary of the current progress Equaliser has made since the last update. You will explore what equaliser is currently working on, and their plans in the near and further afield.

Equaliser is excited to announce that they are working on getting a bounty program up and running. With five million EQLI dedicated toward the bounty, Equaliser plans to reward users in a multitude of different ways. These tasks will come in many shapes and sizes and will reward users fairly and quickly. The link to the bounty program will be posted on the Discord server in the coming weeks.

With transparency in mind, the Equaliser team is compiling a list of wallet addresses to show which parts of the distribution that they represent. Each section of distribution will be contained under its own wallet or wallets. You can expect to see this report in the coming weeks. If you’d like to explore the blockchain, feel free to visit this website.

The technical development has since increased, as they have been hard at work creating a new website. In addition, they are currently working on implementing masternodes and have already started development. If you have any issues in the future, please report them in the #support channel of the Discord server. The Equaliser team is super excited for the next few weeks on the developmental side of the project and hopes that you share their excitement.

Upcoming roadmap events:

  • Smart Contracts (Title Registry and general purpose)
  • Masternode implementation (limited number of masternodes)
  • Puerto Rico survey
  • Development of marketplace
  • Wallet implementation (distinct from Agama/komodod)

Equaliser has many things planned for the near future. Their goal is to head back to Puerto Rico where they can work toward getting homes built. They will be searching for the best site(s) for initial construction, meeting with local officials, and collaborating with community leaders while they are there. The entire trip will be documented through videos and blogs, as they hope to share their excitement with the community.

Equaliser is aiming to continue work with local governments and real estate professionals. Their goal is to develop a close connection to implement the EPTRS (Equaliser Protocol Title Registry System). This system improves the ability to respond more efficiently in emergency situations such as the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico, which left many people unable to prove ownership of their properties.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to learn more, please hop into the Discord server and chat with us! We would love to get everyone involved with bringing the blockchain home.

Official Equaliser sources:
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