Undertaker to Headline WWE’s Hall of Fame 2018?

The Undertaker’s Last Ride ©WWE 2017

The site was Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida; the “Citrus Bowl” to us locals, for WrestleMania 33. The Undertaker was set to do battle with Roman Reigns after Reigns tossed The Undertaker out of the Royal Rumble back in January. There have been rumors ever since WrestleMania 25 that “this will be Undertakers last WrestleMania” however the rumors weren’t really there this year.

As WrestleMania steamrolled through the night, we were given a wonderful surprise with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross coming down to call the Main Event of the evening which was Undertaker vs Roman Reigns. Now I am not a “smark” by any means, I like to enjoy the product WWE delivers to me, however this all but put the writing on the wall for me, that this indeed was Undertakers Swan Song. It did not make me enjoy the match any less, in fact, I couldn’t wait to get home so I could watch it on the WWE Network and hear “Good Ol JR” call the match.

Roman gave The Undertaker all he had, and at the end of the night, Reigns had his hand raised in victory. Then I saw something, while those watching the PPV event on TV were watching the replay of the end of the match, the lights were on just enough to see Taker get up and throw on all of his attire before the replay was over. Then it happened, at the time most of us were in shock at what was truly going on, speculation, rumors, discussion, hatred towards Roman Reigns, were all emotions I could vividly see in all the fans around me. While everyone had a different view point on the outcome of the match, the one thing that was in common were tears in everyone’s eyes, myself included. If you’re in your 30’s like I am, The Undertaker has literally been part of your entire life if you grew up a wrestling fan like I did, and now that chapter has been closed.

The final scene of The Undertaker’s career in WWE. © WWE 2017

To me the Undertaker leaving his gear in the ring symbolizes that this was his last match. I don’t want to speculate on “what if’s” and possibilities of him not leaving, and coming back. Instead I want to reflect, appreciate and look towards the future. With that being said, many rumors are already swirling about The Undertaker headlining the Class of 2018 at the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 34 weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Without a doubt Undertaker is the staple for what a Hall of Famer should be.

The one question I will leave you with is this. Who will induct The Undertaker?