Metro Design Lives On…

So it looks like the Metro design language Microsoft used starting with Windows Phone 7 continues on, just not on Windows Phone anymore. Google is updating their YouTube app on Android, and it looks oddly familiar.

New YouTube Interface Rolling Out To Some Users Ditches The Hamburger Menu

Many Windows Phone users and developers were not happy with Microsoft’s changes, and this will only add fuel to the fire. As Microsoft plays catch up by adding in the Hamburger menu, it appears others are already moving away from a menu system that many find less productive.

Peter Bright of Ars Technica sums up my feeling about the whole thing three tweets.

Google moving away from hamburger menus just as Microsoft starts embracing them:
— Peter Bright (@DrPizza) March 15, 2015
The problem with Metro was never the concept. Microsoft should have stuck to its guns.
— Peter Bright (@DrPizza) March 15, 2015
As with so much that Microsoft does, Metro wasn’t wrong, it was just early.
— Peter Bright (@DrPizza) March 15, 2015
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