Requiem for a Headphone Jack
M.G. Siegler

People, this entire “article” is just attention-whoring. Look at this ridiculous strawman:

“it’s said every single time Apple does something like this. The removal of the floppy drive on the Mac. The lack of a physical keyboard on the iPhone. The removal of the optical drive on MacBooks. The end of the mouse. The removal of USB ports.”

Talk about insulting your readers. Each of those is a different situation, and lumping them together is ignorant and stupid. The floppy was low-capacity and obsolete. The lack of a physical keyboard STILL sucks, but it’s a compromise people deemed worthwhile. Optical-drive removal reflects the fact that thumdrives routinely offer higher capacity. The “end of the mouse” hasn’t happened, so that’s stupid. The removal of USB ports also hasn’t happened, and if it does, it should be in favor of Thunderbolt.

The removal of the headphone jack from a MUSIC-CENTRIC DEVICE is stupid and indefensible. Nothing is gained. The “thinness” argument is a sham from every angle. LOOK at the headphone hole vs. the Lightning port. Any difference in diameter is negligible, not to mention that NO ONE ASKED FOR THE PHONES TO BE THINNER. In fact, we want the phones to be THICKER, with more BATTERY.

Why don’t you call Apple out on its stupidity and anti-customer behavior? So Apple introduces the Watch, which requires Bluetooth to be activated on your phone… which sucks more battery power. Now they want to get rid of the headphone jack and, apparently, get you to use Bluetooth headphones. Again… sucking more battery power. But then they make the phone THINNER, with LESS battery capacity. If you don’t see the craven stupidity in this entire scheme, you should find something else to do.

Also, why should every other device contain redundant D/A conversion circuitry, when the conversion to sound can happen ONCE in the device that’s generating the audio? Why should there now have to be D/A converters (which, by they way, understand whatever proprietary protocol Apple comes up with for its pathetic Lightning connector) in every headphone, car, hotel-room dock, boombox, audio recorder, speaker… on the planet?

You seem ignorant of the fact that our ears require ANALOG WAVEFORMS, and there’s no getting around it. So you can’t just “get rid of” them.

Cheerleading for crippled products and the undermining of not only industry but also humankind standards is just embarrassing. You’re too spineless to admit that you’re getting screwed, and fight back. That’s pathetic enough, but to make fun of those who WON’T just roll over and toadie up to a corporation that’s laughing at them is just desperate.

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