Pull the udder one — Peta milks fake cows for publicity but its tactics are wearing thin

Picture source: Seven Days

ONLOOKERS failed to see the funny side of Peta’s latest publicity stunt in which activists milked a fake cow.

Many felt the protest — like many of the organisation’s publicity stunts — could divert police attention from more pressing matters.

The activists took over high street and set up their protest with a life-sized plastic cow in Burlington, Vermont, Canada.

One PETA volunteer got on the ground and sucked on one of cow’s teats, while the other stood by him holding a sign reading “ Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk.”

While the protest passed off peacefully the bizarre site attracted attention and some felt was wrong.

Onett Johnson, a tourist who stopped to snap a picture of the protesters said: “ It is totally irresponsible for animal activists to take up valuable police time having to investigate their activity, while they could be saving someone’s lives.
“I wish animal rights activists stopped playing a fool and realised the seriousness of the problem.
“I simply don’t care about their stunts. I don’t drink milk- but not by choice.”
Katerina Davidovic, a PETA activists said: “We’re trying to bring attention to how disturbing it is that we drink the breast milk of another animal.”