‘16 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

After the QB rankings, I have included some notes in anticipation of some outrage.

Tier 1 — Elite

  1. Drew Brees, NO
  2. Russell Wilson, Sea
  3. Cam Newton, Car
  4. Aaron Rodgers, GB
  5. Andrew Luck, Ind

Tier 2 — Very Good

6. Philip Rivers, SD

7. Tom Brady, NE

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit

9. Derek Carr, Oak

10. Blake Bortles, Jax

Tier 3 — Good, but concern about week-to-week consistency

11. Jameis Winston, TB

12. Eli Manning, NYG

13. Carson Palmer, Ari

14. Tyrod Taylor, Buf

15. Joe Flacco, Bal

Tier 4 — Serviceable with *high* upside

16. Ryan Tannehill, Mia

17. Matthew Stafford, Det

18. Matt Ryan, Atl

19. Kirk Cousins, Was

20. Andy Dalton, Cin

21. Dak Prescott, Dal

22. Blaine Gabbert, SF

Tier 5 —NFL starters with lower upside

23. Alex Smith, KC

24. Brock Osweiler, Den

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ

26. Shaun Hill, Min

27. Jared Goff, LA

28. Marcus Mariota, Ten

29. Sam Bradford, Phi

30. Jay Cutler, Chi

Tier 6 — Trust Issues

31. Robert Griffin III, Was

32. Trevor Siemian, Den

Tier 1: Drew Brees: It appears that some elite QBs are like fine wine and Brees seems to be no exception. Look for the Saints to be playing from behind with an already pass-heavy offense. This very well could be a record-breaking year for him!

Russell Wilson: He’s 2nd on the list because he’s capable of being a top 5 QB regardless of whatever offense is around him. This offensive has competed it’s transition period from last year and will have a much quicker start. To me, he’s the safest fantasy pick of the elites.

Cam Newton: Last year he displayed what he’s capable of doing. Now, with Kelvin Benjamin back, there’s no reason to think he’ll slow down.

Aaron Rodgers: There’s no denying his greatness! In fact, when this offensive is healthy, the Packers run like a flawless, well-oiled machine. However, it appears that one injury in the machine impacts Rodgers from the top QB, to part of the elite pack. Considering the injuries last year, we need a complete rebound year from Nelson, Cobb, and Lacy for Rodgers to be top dog. That’s too many moving parts for me to put him QB1 in the rankings and to ignore the others.

Tier 2: These guys are all so close to me. I’m just as happy with drafting Rivers as I am Bortles. This tier is a coin-toss.

Tier 3: Jameis Winston: I love his upside. I think he’s a student of the game and will improve from a good rookie year into a solid and consistent QB.

Eli Manning: He could throw 6 TDs in a game, or 6 INTs. Either way, no one would be surprised. That kind of inconsistency concerns me. A lot of rankings have him in the “tier 2” range, but I think he’s a better value in the tier 3.

Carson Palmer: Simply put, when he’s healthy, he very good. Admittedly, he should probably be higher based on last season’s performance, but I can’t seem to convince myself that he’ll repeat last year. Go ahead and take him sooner and prove me wrong.

Joe Flacco & Tyrod Taylor: These two continue to be grossly underrated.

Tier 4: If anyone of these QBs landed inside the top 8, I wouldn’t be surprised. Yes, that includes Tannehill — Remember, he now has “QB whisperer” Adam Gase.

Tier 5: Ryan Fitzpatrick: I like Fitzpatrick, but the hidden narrative is that he was “lucky” that he didn’t throw more INTs last season. Maybe his luck will continue, but maybe it won’t.

Marcus Mariota: The reason I’m on an island and don’t consider Mariota a future star is because when he’s bad, he’s terrible! My crystal ball tells me that he will have a sophomore slump now that defenses have a year of NFL film on him. I don’t think he’ll be fantasy relevant for long.

Tier 6: Am I alone that I don’t trust these guys???

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