The Problem with Donte Moncrief

The problem with Donte Moncrief doesn’t have to do with his talent. He’s a good receiver and will likely be an asset in the Colts’ offense for years to come. In fact, he has plenty of upside if you’re looking for it.

According to, his ADP (average draft position) is, well, average — considering he’s the 40th receiver taken off the board.

So why even bring him up? Think of it this way, if you’re in a 12-team league and have the option to start 3 receivers a week — that’s 36 receivers. This means that Moncrief is the 4th “back-up” receiver if all teams draft positions evenly — which doesn’t happen. If you didn’t follow that, it’s okay, just know this: someone in your league likes Moncrief as their WR3 in hopes he’ll one day be a WR1. This is the time to take advantage of that.

If you have Moncrief and are expecting him to take the next “big step” into WR1 relevance, I’m thinking that you’ll be waiting for a while. The problem with him isn’t Moncrief himself, but it is TY Hilton, Dwayne Allen, Philip Dorsett, and Andrew Luck. This is because Hilton will bounce back as the “go-to” receiver for a healthy Luck. Plus, with Coby Fleener out of the picture, expect a spike in chemistry between Luck and Allen. This doesn’t mean that Moncrief won’t be a factor on a high-octane offense, but he has competition for targets with a young talent in Dorsett that was drafted 29th overall in the 2015 draft — this means that Indy has plans for him. Lastly, Luck is good at spreading the ball and this isn’t even including any running back catching out of the backfield.

I do think Moncrief is serviceable, but I’m suggesting you can sell and get a better return than what he’s worth. Also, Moncrief is a dime-a-dozen, his role in the offense is a commonplace in the NFL. Every team has a Moncrief (so-to-speak). In my observation, the Twitter community is higher than they should be on Moncrief.

To me, that means sell now.

Good luck!