There’s no failure in going for it

Early this Monday morning around 4:45a.m. I was thinking about my current situation. Thinking about the past 8 to 9 months, after I graduated from The Citadel in May 2015. I was thinking about all the time I wasted listening to other people’s advice. Listening to their advice and wasting my time, and how it left me broke, with a maxed out credit card, and no job. Thinking to myself if I knew that following the traditional way is full of crap for me, I would have took a shot at doing something I knew I wanted to do at the time.

Let me tell you the story

In 2011 I attended The Citadel, The Millatry College of South Carolina. I walked on to the football team, and made the team. Out of the 15 walk-ons in my class (Class of 2015) I was the only one who played in 10 games his senior year. Why is that, not because I was the most athletic, or had the best high school film, or the coaches thought I had the best potential as a football player. It was because I never gave up on my dream which is to play football for as long as I could beyond high school, because I knew I was better than my high school record indicated.

So it’s the end of my Senior season at The Citadel

It should have been how things turned out right, not really, because I only played on special teams, for ten games my senior season, and I did not play at defensive line. I knew deep down I should have been starting on the d-line. So when I talking to my head coach about how I think I should gained more playing time he said “I’ll let you come back for the fifth year, but you will not be on scholarship,” I never was anyway, “You’ll still play on special teams but there’s no guarantee that you ever get on the field as defensive linemen.” From a common sense stand point the best thing to do is to graduate with your business administration degree. Get a job instead of trying to play football another year.

But I left his office not feeling right about the whole thing

I knew I could play, hell go to the NFL, if I worked on a few skills. So I started to look at Division 2 schools, and found some that I could play my last year of football at and get a masters degree in business administration.

So what happened

I listened to people who said it would only be a waste of time. You are only getting into more student loan debt and be you will be in the same position you’re in today.

But even then

A semi-pro football in the Charleston area, the charleston area had contacted me. They told me they were interested in me, and after one practice they really wanted on the team, but once again, other people said it was a waste of time and if you get hurt you’re screwed.

So after Graduation

I started working part-time with Hertz. Started cleaning cars, and then I got promoted to instant return rep. I was staying with old teammates who were still playing football at The Citadel, I was sleeping on the couch. I was trying to work my way up at Hertz to be a manager. Of course I tried to look for other jobs along the way too, I even went back to my school’s Career Center to get some help with the job hunt.

So what went Wrong

Everything went wrong, my job at Hertz I was being overworked and underpaid $9.50 an hour. The Career Center at my school treated me as if I was a cancer, no exaggeration at all. Throughout my time there until I graduated, they would gladly help me with finding jobs. After graduation, however; the only help I got from them was steps to fix my resume, and they told me to constantly interview myself though interview stream over and over again. There was even one incident with one of the career counselors that told me “if you don’t show this contact I’m going to give you theupmost respect I will never forgive you!” and the jobs I applied for the only response I got back was “we found more qualified candidates than you.” All after 15 interviews in 3 months. That’s one or two interviews a week while working a job. So now its August and the teammates I’m staying with tell me that I have to leave because their parents are coming to stay with them in the apartment for the season. So of course I go back home to Aiken and I quit my job at Hertz.

Back to being broke in Aiken

Even back in Aiken I still try to apply for jobs and interview. I had an interview every week for a whole month, without any luck of course. So one day talking to mom about the past few months, she asked me “why didn’t you keep playing football or at least play semi pro football if that’s what you wanted to do?” I said “because I listened to the wrong people.” she told me “you should have kept playing football.”

So while I was in Aiken

I had all the free time in the world to do whatever I wanted to do. I could apply for jobs or do something different, something I wanted to do. I followed The Greg Pitt MFT: 28 program off of, and started to go to the gym twice a day for a month, hence becoming a Gymaholic. Because of that I lost 15lbs in a month. Then I started coaching at my old high school. I enjoyed what I did because I’m passionate about football and weightlifting. I even tried out for a arena football team, but then I realized that I needed highlight film if I was going to make the team and the only way I could have done that was by semi-pro football.

Then one night

The coach from that semi pro football team message me on Facebook. He said the fellas on the team had missed me and they wanted me to come back because I was so good. I agree to that and started making plans to come back to Charleston and play semi-pro football again.

Will this Dream come True

I don’t know. I just got fired from the stable hotel job in Charleston I had last week. That was supposed to give me decent income while playing football. Ever since then I’ve been applying to 20 different jobs a day since last Friday, and it’s Wednesday now. Staying in a different city is stupid without a job or a source of income. So I’m hoping I can get another job this week so I don’t have to go back to aiken, or go into the millatry, because I’m broke and for some reason can’t get or keep a job anymore to save my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the military, but I would only join for money. Right now I’m trying to live a dream. I’m willing to work for it, but I’m still trying to live a dream.

Do I think a Dream is worth it

YES, because you can chase money, there’s a good chance you’ll probably end up losing it all. Or the economy goes to crap again. Probably you’ll hate what you doing just to get money. Of course when it comes to business money is the only importance. But why are you doing exactly what you’re doing verse something else to get money is important to. So as long as you can handle basic needs I wouldn’t worry so much about it. But hell I’m just another broke kid from Aiken, South Carolina, what do I know, I’m only 22 years old. I could be just another ungrateful millennial. I just know that I tried to chase money. I tried to get the good job and left it me broke. When I was chasing a dream of playing football in college I had more opportunities to make money. I I shook hands with a millionaire, because I told him I played college football. I traveled to different places because I played college football. I went inside the Doak Campbell Stadium at Florida State. I was on the field close to The 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner (Jameis Winston). I took pictures with the Florida State Band when The Florida State Football Team blew out Clemson in 2013. All because I chase a passion that I was good at. So are you someone who chases money or a dream or a little bit of both?