Sui Generis
Remarkable People

Dude, its already been written and is ongoing and continues to be so! We are certified and verified and those with ears that can hear and eyes that can see KNOW THIS~~~~~>AS THIS IS TRUTH; WE THE PEOPLE ARE OUR TRUTHS Our truths as it is/was/ & always has been promised for us and to us as we have in modern technological terms been pre programmed in our very and ever lasting living souls MINDS as per the promises promised by our personal creator(s)! WE CERTIFY OUR TRUTHS & BELIEFS in & by writing it and by writing it; IT IS evident that it has been written! as we are our creator(s) beliefs that are creators also WRIT US INTO EXISTENCE by PLACING our names on & in old parchment papers LONG AGO before our energies had even formed US>WE THE PEOPLE are IN[deed REAL MEN & REAL WOMAN BREATHING & SHARING OUR FLOWING ENERGIES! So WE believe because we know we know we know that we are certified, SO thee only way to VERIFY THIS AS TRUTH(s) WE THE PEOPLE MUST SPEAK IT With Our Voice(s) That Said; WE ARE THE PEOPLE THANKS TO OUR CREATOR(s)

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