Actually, bitch is what a female dog, wolf, fox or otter is called.
Simon Fraser

Maybe you misunderstood me, ‘bitch’ in hiphop (i know, hiphop and its peculiarities) is not gender specific. Anyone that knows the culture knows that. So, thats why you can call a guy a bitch, granted you are trying to feminize whoever you are calling it to, but it generally means; weak. 
Communication cannot be controlled in that way. You can do your best to relay a message in the context that you want it to, thats why we have good writers and great writers. Even then, you can never control perception, (Unless of course you are telepathic) no matter what you do. If you try, you will falter and even start loosing the direction of your message. There is so much a writer can do. Like you clearly said, “everybody brings their own baggage of perception”, apt. That’s inevitably outside the writer’s jurisdiction.

And, if you necessarily don’t understand a certain piece of literature or art, honestly? you are not the target audience, in order words, if you don’t get it, it was not meant for you. The target audience understands it quite well.