Social Media Kingpin — Millennials vs. Generation Z

Throughout the modern century, many changes have transpired — technology, innovation, culture — and new generations arrived and transformed the landscape of consumer branding, media, and behavior. Millennials, the true revolutionaries, emerged from 1984–2004.

Millennials proceeded to produce greater personal consumer branding through social media, while generating feedback, furthering appeal. According to Time Magazine, Millennials do not like to associate as Millennials, but rather, they prefer Generation Y, and with this newfound generation, marketers flocked. Reports filled about how Millennials are information-seeking, Facebook loyal, and tend to focus on products rather than the whole organization.

Yet, without hesitation a new social media frenzy erupted, and marketers created another generation of consumers, without warning…Generation Z.

Generation Z, members of this party include births after 1995, develop quite a different set of rules and guidelines opposed to their — not so distant — Millennial counterpart. Gen Zers, are purely mobile individuals, who prefer social networks — Snapchat, Whisper — opposed to Millennials who favored Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A quarter of American’s are Gen Zers, and 40% of them will account for all the consumers on the market by 2020.

So with Gen Zers, being the new “staple” diet in consumer technology and innovation, what will happen to Millennials?

  • Will they simply be nothing more than those “individuals that help promote social media”?
  • Or will they be remembered as the rowdy generation that pained marketers, and forced all organizations to re-market to stay relevant?

Whatever the case may be, all marketers do know is that Millennials will forever be the “poster boy” of social media and ultimately take credit as the catalyst of true change in a world of ever-changing technology.

Originally published at on November 3, 2015.

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