Thursday, September One, Two Thousand And Sixteen

In a messy political season Kaepernick made everything way messier. But that was OK, wasn’t it? I mean, something had to give for the conversation to become two-fold, right? Everything that has come out of Donald Trump’s mouth, coupled with what his team has been tweeting about, is complete jargon. Seriously people, who actually understands what he’s trying to push?

“I like Trump because he’s not afraid to say what everyone else won’t.” Oh please! Yes, Hillary definitely has her own baggage as well, however, you are a complete mess of an individual if you believe that The Donald would make America better. Check your facts people!

And what about this crap that we should just vote for Gary Johnson? Yeah everyone we should all really go out there and try elect someone with an extremely low chance of receiving 270 electoral votes. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and people like that are what I like to call “granola.” I know Hillary has proven that she can’t handle private information but at least she isn’t a scam artist! At least she isn’t a fraud! And the Twitter trolls that say “Killary” or that she should go to prison need to just check it. Yes, the FBI said she was “extremely careless in handling classified information” but they still didn’t deem her criminal. You know why they didn’t? Because she’s not! Regardless of what you extremists think she has actually done a lot of good. And every politician is slimy so so be it!

We press on. Colin Kaepernick’s powerful move to not stand during the National Anthem at preseason games this summer shouldn’t be taken as a personal disgust towards the armed forces and our beloved veterans. Colin is a black individual and he believes that the brutality has reached a new high (or low; it can actually be phrased either way if you think about it).

The latest came today. SportsCenter’s Cari Champion had Paul Finebaum address his mistakes that he made on both his show (or radio show) and College Football Live. Then (and I just finished listening to part of Stephen A. Smith’s rant on his radio show; via Periscope) the First Take personality known for his earth-shattering opinions and rants (it wasn’t just today, if you’re new to who he is) attacked Boomer Esiason for what Esiason harped on when I guess he was on his morning drive show Boomer & Carton (with Craig Carton), a personal favorite of mine. I hadn’t heard it live (miss my B&C time but with college I don’t wake up at 6 a.m. to listen) but the just of it from what S.A.S. said is that Boomer, who he noted that he highly respects, was “way out of line” in his comments that Kaepernick’s actions are “bad on the football field.” Now that’s debatable. Purely based on football, he might get cut before the season starts anyway: he’s already lost his job, again, unrelated.

I digress on the political tones to go to a story that really made me smile. A Florida State wide-out, who was with his teammates visiting a nearby school, saw a boy sitting alone at lunchtime (Bo) and sat down and asked what he was doing. Bo, a middle-schooler, was Autistic. Well the kindheartedness really enveloped because Bo’s mom put online that this was “one less day that I had to spend anxious that my sweet boy was going to be sitting alone (at lunch).”

What a sweet story. I am going to close my long awaited Medium debut by touching on creativity. What, Matt?

I have started to get into photography (OK experts I have to tell you that I bought a Point and Shoot) but hell the quality is fine for me right now. Anyway the main reason why I bought it was to start learning videography. Creators like Casey Neistat of YouTube (and Beme) fame have inspired me. I don’t know when I’ll put out my first vlog (maybe when I learn to edit) but it will come. Maybe sooner than later.

I’ll clarify. I meant my first *personal* vlog could be a little ways away. However, as you guys may or may not know already, my friend Chris Mastrangelo and I are launching a monthly (for now) series called Matt and Mast. Eventually we’ll have some guests and such but we are intending to put out YouTube videos monthly, as I already said, that will run for roughly 20 minutes.

Other goals I have for the startup video series include launching a full-fledged online venture (podcasts, vlogs, blogs, reactions, sports, pop culture) all that jazz. If you must you can call it Ringer Junior. But you won’t. (We’re not actually copying Ringer at all. Just a joke to see who’ll actually catch it).

And that’s all the teasing you’re gonna get for one day. Make sure to follow my Medium for (mostly) daily blogs and a taste at everything else that’s going on in my head.

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