Be Happy. Period.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write something. Over the past couple months, there have been so many times that I’ve had an idea in my head, but it’s never really been fully formed, never been good enough or well thought out enough to be permanent, but something finally clicked for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to go support my college teammate, my friend, my brother Anthony as he lays his 10-month-old daughter Aspen to rest for the final time. I have absolutely no idea how a human being can be mentally tough enough to bury their child. I really don’t. It got me thinking about what we’re doing here. When I was younger I was convinced that you live long enough to discover the meaning of life and then you die — I still haven’t come up with a better theory for why some people live and some people don’t.

This might seem like a really random thing to say, but follow along for a second. Right now, America is as divided as it has at any point in my lifetime. Our President-elect ran on a platform that got our nation riled up, some as unabashed supporters and some as outspoken critics. Since his election, the divide has seemingly grown even larger. Admittedly I’ve been among those who are very outspoken in opposition to President-elect Trump, and this is where it’s gotten me: very agitated, and literally nothing else. I’m not going to overthrow the President, I’m not going to boycott his supporters, and unless he does something that threatens the fabric of humanity, realistically I’m not going to do anything that means anything. As always, I’ll be there to take up the cause of any of my friends who need my support who feel that they’ve been wronged, but I’ll be honest, constantly championing the “Trump is the devil” cause is exhausting. It’s probably not true, he’s probably not going to radically change anyone’s day-to-day lives, and truthfully I don’t particularly like how I feel when I spend significant amounts of time speculating about what evil things he might do.

I say this all because the past week I’ve thought a lot about what really matters. I have no idea why I’m here, and in the grand scheme of the world, my actions aren’t particularly profound. With that said, the death of my friend’s daughter has reminded me that Donald Trump doesn’t matter. What matters is that, until somebody much smarter than myself figures out the meaning of life or what we’re all doing here, we need to be happy. Because otherwise, literally why even bother sticking around? There is nothing — NOTHING — given in this world that can’t be taken away in an instant.

With that said, I want to pose two hard rules that I’m going to attempt to live my everyday life by, and one suggested rule that I hope I can live my life by.

1. Stop doing what makes you unhappy, and do what makes you happy.

2. If your happiness comes at the expense of other people’s happiness or well-being, stop and reevaluate what makes you happy, and do something different.

3. Aid in the pursuit of happiness of others.

Be happy. It’s one of the few things in life that nobody can do for you. Period.

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