A Dystopian Kind of Year

It’s been that kind of year. You’re still catching your breath, finding your footing, feeling the aftershocks. Learning to live beyond the darkness and the end of things.

Fire. Smoke. Ashes to ashes. You plan and believe and you think your world is going to look the way you expect it to but life takes a dramatic turn and it’s not a new chapter because you are

Off. The. Page.

You wake to a different world. Not a new day but a new universe. And when that happens you have to learn the language anew. Find the right tribe, discover the culture that now calls. It is not a remembering but learning but engage in a new language completely.

This is your new language. Every new day you will find that you have wandered farther and farther away from your normal. Farther and farther away from your original expectations and deeper into the new place — whatever it may look like — the plains, the forests, the steampunk future — you look down and see your feet and they are standing on new ground.

Snap. Life can throw you a wringers. Unexpected hurts and highways. Things that bring overnight radical change that require you to be stronger than we are capable of being. To press on when you really feel like just lying down to die.

There you are after the fire. Wiped out ash covered and sifting through the remnants of your life, the smell of smoke still clinging to your clothes, your hair, your skin and you know this exact ruin will never go away because your yesterday’s have burned to the ground. But then you rise, turn your faces toward the road before you. You continue onward.

You must walk through the fires of your past and out of the smoke of your present to get to the other side. To the over and beyond and what’s waiting. Because here’s something I believe about life. Like Max Ehrmann said in Desiderata — with all it’s sham, drudgery, and broken dreams — it’s still a beautiful world.

Because no matter what darkness falls in this sloppy, blessed life with all its pain and purpose, biscuits and babies, bourbon and believing — hope springs eternal.

After it all — in spite of it all — you begin again.

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