Why I’ll Never Have The Most Followers
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, I’m going to respectfully disagree with you. The 25% that spend 3–6 months with you, and then get it and go all in, are not going to unsubscribe to your Youtube, IM, Twitter, etc. 
 First, people won’t unfollow someone who made a difference in their life. 
 Second, where the “attention is” keeps changing. Your content will still provide tremendous value. Many people will keep checking in as their business situations change. 
 And third, you’re handsome. (I didn’t have a third, so I threw in one of your brags / quotes / affirmations).
In your comments section of your social media accounts, many of the 25% that ‘hated you’ the first time they saw you, have taken a second look at you and have a strong positive opinion of you now. 
 You’re growing, and although you won’t have as many followers as the Kardashians, you will always be bigger, and be one of the Best.

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