SnapHunt : Improving user discovery and interaction for SnapChat

Mar 12, 2016 · 2 min read

A common problem with using a new social media platform can be finding people outside your network to follow, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have features that suggest users to follow based on your interests. This is not the case with snapchat and it can be a good thing. However, users still require a way to find people outside their networks based on shared interest, and that’s our major value proposition with SnapHunt.

In addition to that, we have noticed that influencers on snapchat are often inundated with questions and don’t have a way to prioritize which ones to respond to, that is our second value proposition.

What is SnapHunt?

SnapHunt is a web app that improves user discovery and interaction between users and influencers on the world’s most personal social media platform. With SnapHunt you can connect with influential people that snap about their interests, users can search SnapHunt’s tags and find the most relevant accounts to follow. Joining the list is easy; all you need is a Snapchat username, your name (optional) and the username of whoever referred you. From there, users may search for other users based on tags, ask influencers questions, ‘up-ghost’ questions (see what we did there?) they are interested in and up-ghost users whose content they value.

We also allow users to move up on the lists by referring other users to get on our platform. So every time someone lists you as a referrer, you get upvotes.

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Improving user discovery and interaction for snapchat