Increase Your Engagement on Instagram | Social Media Influencers

Did you know Instagram is the cheapest and fastest way to grow a community?
Still wondering how to become a social media influencer and get on the Explore page?
Want to learn amazing tips on how to increase your organic growth on Instagram?

1. First choose your industry.

Pick a theme that interests you and will never bore others. Fitness is a popular one. Influencers promoting a healthy way of living often post images of jogging through crispy autumn, wearing a new pair of Nike trainers every week or making an exotic smoothie or porridge bowl with Cacao, Pitaya and other ingredients you will be inspired to try.

2. Get Creative and Be Unique!

Don’t copy others, be yourself and establish a unique selling point that makes you different to all the other influencers out there. Give your followers something to look at. Perhaps when they scroll down your images they see a colour palette pattern, where the colours change progressively.

Be consistent with your posts, themes, filters, Post regularly without leaving gaps. Forward planning with a content calendar can help you enormously. Don’t post 4 times one day and then leave it 5 days till you post again. Think about the peak times of the country where most of your followers are from. Traffic to your post will increase at those peak times. So take a moment to analyse the best times of the day, then schedule your posts in advance to appear at those times. You can be busy doing something else, while your photos post for themselves on Hopper.

3. Engage!

Use the back camera and not the front facing (selfie mode) camera on your phone — it is much better quality. Still not convinced — then take a look at your camera lenses and discover the difference.

Get close up and personal. If you appear small and far away, it will be a lot less engaging. Also, avoid large group photos which are more suited for other platforms such as Facebook where you can tag multiple people.

Having a large following is brilliant, but if no-one if commenting or liking your posts, then the audience is not fully engaged. Brands want to see audiences are engaged.


Give tips, links to resources, videos and an insight to your personal life that will win the trust of your followers, that if you ever posted a promotional code, they would be the first to use it. Or if you ever published a book, they would buy it.

Share what you know with others. As an expert you will have knowledge and an insight into many things that your followers will never have seen or heard of, including products that you keep stocked up on in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards. So don’t keep it to yourself.

Videos are a great way to get your audiences attention, either to answer a frequent question or to give tips. Listen to your followers and respond back with posts relating to the type of inspiration they need. Don’t forget to acknowledge them to show your appreciation for their likes and comments.

4. Talk to Your Followers!

Don’t just post photos, walk off and never look at them again. Use a conversational tone in your captions. So people can connect with your quicker. Spend 40 minutes after you post to talk to your followers, this will encourage them to comment more on future images.

Always keep learning. If you look back at your posts 5 years ago, you will have come along way and may even surprise yourself how much you’ve developed as a social media influencer.

Link back to your blog. All channels should lead audiences back to their blog, where they can get meatier advice. Your Instagram profile should include your blog link so followers can access it easily.

Make a dummy Instagram account to see which photos receive a lot of engagement. Consider sharing your email address. If you’re a real influencer, people will want to connect with you.

Engagement drives growth!

5. Network With Other Influences Offline!

Connect with their other social media influencers that post a similar theme to yours. It will help if you both attract a similar demographic, but it’s not essential. Read their books, meet for a coffee. Collaborate with each other Instagram accounts (win-win!) by tagging each other in a caption, perhaps in a photo of you both.

Help your friends out — it’s not a competition!

6. Hashtag?

As you grow, you may find you won’t need to hashtag to engage with new followers. They will just find you themselves. Too many hashtags in your caption (30 is the limit) can deter followers and make you look desperate. As an alternative, we would suggest to post a first comment with all your hashtags in there; it will have the same reach and search capacity to being in your caption.

Choose your hashtags wisely making sure they’re not too generic. #likeforlike #followforfollow will produce a few hundred followers, but not the quality followers you want to be engaging with. You want followers that are interested in your brand or theme, that makes it likely for them to comment on your posts in the future. It may even affect your engagement algorithm with Instagram and getting onto the Explore page.

7. Don’t Buy Followers!

You will not receive any engagement from the hundreds of followers you buy. No likes or comments! It will look obvious because of the discrepancy between number of followers and engagement through likes and comments. 26k followers but only 30 likes, and no comments!

Just grow organically.

8. Hit The Explore Page

Wondering how to hit the explore page?

The algorithm for appearing on the Explore page is really not that hard. If thousands are receiving thousands of followers, then they must be doing something right. To put it simple:

Engaging Content = More Likes = Appear on Explore Page = More Likes = More Followers

We believe Influencer Marketing is the most exciting recent development within digital marketing. We’re eating, sleeping and drinking Influencer Marketing over at Real Tribe and always love chatting to other passionate or interested people in the space. If you ever want to chat, please do get in touch!