She’s in a jam and he’s got’s concierge line.

Everyone should have at least three ICE numbers on their phone

I remember watching a movie in the late nineties where the victim of a car crash had amnesia and no identification on his person. Doctors searched his phone and couldn’t figure out who to call no “Mum”, “Dad” or “Sweetheart”. Then one of them tried looking for ICE numbers and found two. ICE in this instance stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’. That was the most useful thing I got out of an otherwise crappy movie.

This is where ICE numbers come in… if you ever need urgent help, or lose your phone; people can dial the ICE number on your phone. You could even save the important stuff on the single digits i.e. dial 1 for Dad, 2 for Mum, 3 for Bae and so on.

A typical ICE number is next of kin

Now let’s see how an ICE number could be useful to you the owner of the phone as well. Imagine you frequently drive from one state to the other on business. You always make it home at the end of the day but today the traffic is bad and you can’t get home. What do you do, drive around looking for hotels with cheap but secure accommodation?

Only one number would be useful to you 24–7 in the aforementioned scenario; 01–8881111. It’s the concierge line; simply dial it when you have an accommodation emergency and someone will get you a booking within your locale. I was a boy scout and still believe the motto ‘Be Prepared’ works for everyone.

With all the events, weddings, parties and traffic mishaps that spring up especially during the last quarter of the year, saving 01–8881111 under ICE wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You can thank me later.

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