Mayor James “Jim” R. Fouts, an American Elected Official and the incumbent Mayor of the City of Warren.

Mayor James “Jim” R. Fouts is an American Elected Official and the incumbent Mayor of the City of Warren.

James R. Fouts was elected Mayor of Warren in November 2007 defeating the 62% of the votes. The Mayor was re-elected with a record breaking 81% of the votes cast. The Mayor went on to break his own record again in November 2015, by winning re-election to his third four-year term by a margin of 84.7 percent to 15.3 percent. It is important to note James R. Fouts is the first Mayor in the History of the City of Warren to receive more than 80% of the votes.

Before being elected Mayor of Warren, James R. Fouts served multiple terms on the city council, where he worked tirelessly to resolve many issues concerning Warren residents. His dedication and commitment to spearhead multiple efforts to improve the basic services and quality of life for Warren Residents quickly developed his reputation as the “Warren Neighborhood Councilman”.

Having served multiple terms as the chief executive of the City of Warren, the Mayor has amassed an impressive portfolio of accomplishments and reforms, which have directly led to the improvement in the quality of life for Warren residents. In order to further support and expand these initiatives, the Mayor focused on creating an environment that stimulates job creation by attracting Fortune 500 businesses’ and high-tech industry to improve and diversify Warren’s economy.

The Mayor championed efforts to bring companies such as General Motors and Chrysler Corporation and many other research and manufacturing businesses to the City of Warren. General Motors have invested $1 billion in a new GM Technical Center, and Chrysler has invested in developing its Manufacturing Complex, which produces the company’s Ram and Dakota models. In addition to many other research and manufacturing operations, the Mayors initiatives have also brought new developments, new shopping centers, and new supermarkets, namely Meijer’s Supermarket and Menards Home Improvement Superstore to the City of Warren.

Enhancing this economic development activity is the steady decrease in both property crimes and violent crimes. Public Safety, being a central focus of Mayor James Fouts’ administration, continues to produce results. Through a coordinated approach with local law enforcement, such as blight sweeps and police sweeps, the Mayor’s revitalization initiatives have greatly increased the quality of life for the residents of Warren. His continued efforts in revitalizing the Warren community with his aggressive city “clean-up” programs have addressed issues such as nuisance and abatement in businesses and residential dwellings.

The Mayor’s unique approach to solving issues has resulted in a first of its kind, public-private partnership that has set a comprehensive plan in motion to continue Warren on its path of enhancing its economic future. Known for his unique approaches to solving problems, the Mayor’s efforts often garnered national attention, as with a first of its kind ethics ordinance, and a more recent “Buy American” campaign, which encouraged Warren residents to “Buy American” products.

An advocate for Warren residents of all ages, especially senior citizens and the disabled, the Mayor initiated a multi-faceted Elderly Task Force whose sole mission will be to combat crimes and scams aimed at senior citizens.

Mayor Fouts’ tenure has not only ushered in a streamlined Budget and Fiscal Policy, but has also greatly improved the efficiency of city operations by consolidating and streamlining the efficiency of operations at multiple city departments.

At the behest of Mayor Fouts, the City of Warren implemented a number of programs that connect the community with government and make government more accessible to the community. Among them, a revised city website with may web based services for Warren residents, a weekly program, titled “Fouts Forum”, in which the Mayor interviews community and business leaders on topics which directly impact his constituency.

A public official to be proud of, the Mayor leads by example, and has made some personal sacrifices. An example of some of those sacrifice include the Mayor giving up his city issued car, gas mileage allowance, and pension. Famous for having an open door policy, The Mayor does not take vacations and is always available to address any issues concerning Warren residents, and when not in the office, the Mayor will often take calls during off hours and as well as during weekends.

A committed public servant, the Mayor is a true Warren enthusiast who cares deeply about the city and its people as evident by his many accomplishments.