REAL YMCMB makes its way back to Twitter.

After a long stay away from the social media giant, REAL YMCMB is back on Twitter. The Twitter account was abruptly shut down by REAL YMCMB stating

We just got tired of this fucking social media shit”

“We just got tired of this fucking social media shit”, said a REAL YMCMB spokesperson via text to Entertainment Weekly. “Social media is a good thing, but with all the request and all the other bullshit that happens on social media…we just shut that shit down!”, he wrote.

But the good news is that REAL YMCMB is back and full-effect. We have a new PR team that will work our social media and other means of communication. Connecting with your followers and fans is important and social media is a great way to do it.

So yes REAL YMCMB is back on Twitter. Check us out. We will be adding some video contents, adding skater life, signing new rap artists to the REAL YMCMB label. This is more than just a brand, we are a full scale fucking movement. Stay tune. We are back!

Twitter: Young Money Life

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