The Persuaders Blog Post

After watching The Persuaders, I believe they produced an accurate perception of what employees of the advertisement field need to showcase in order to be successful, they showed the behind the scenes work that goes into making an ad creative and they showcased how brand loyalty can effect the way customers buy products of a specific company. This ad by Beats is a great example of how they use the technique of a bandwagon in their commercial.


The way The Persuaders showcased perception in my opinion was produced very well. They used an example of Grey Goose and Sean “Diddy” Combs, and showed an accurate example of how companies use perception to drive the motivation to buy a product.


In the presentation, they also spoke on what truly ads are produced for and how creative they need to be in order to successfully drive their product. I think they did a great job of show casing the different types of techniques marketing companies used such as: bandwagon and gorilla marketing.

Brand Loyalty

During the show Rushkoff also touched on brand loyalty. In my opinion I think brand loyalty is genius and it is great way for companies to continue to profit from the same consumers.

My Thoughts

I felt the like “The Persuaders” did a great job of giving the consumers and their audience who watched this documentary of perspective. They give perspective of how much time and effort goes into creating an ad and how company produces an ad. Companies need to do extensive research to sell their product to their specific target. I think after watching this video it has made me personally think about how to purchase a product rather than wanting to keep up with the latest trend. Because of how our society is set up, we are always desiring “the next thing” whether it’s the next iPhone or whether it’s the next MacBook. Our society wants to keep up with the trend regardless of the price tag. Apple produces a new iPhone every year along with new version of Macs every year. They even hold these presentations to market their products. From a persuasive and business technique it’s genius because it pushes brand loyalty and it allows Apple to keep upping their prices. Persuasion is a huge part of society not just in the advertising business. Colleges, politicians even our friends and family will use persuasion to further their point or attempt to have you side with that person. As Christians I believe that we need to have the ability of persuasion because we need to the be able to not only hold a conversation about Christ we also need to know why we believe what we believe. In the end I believe that after watch this presentation it gave us a perspective of how persuasion is used in our world today and how it can be applied to all aspect of life not just in advertisement.

“On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.”

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