Step-By-Step $RIO Uniswap LP Mining and Rewards Guide

As many new users become active in the world of cryptocurrencies, we continue to receive new questions on how to “get started”. Today we will be diving into a step-by-step guide on the the $RIO Liquidity Providers Staking Program so you can start earning rewards immediately with no hassle. We broke it down into 3 different sections - Purchasing RIO on UniSwap, adding to the pool and staking. Let’s get into it.

1. Purchase RIO on UniSwap

- Go to and click “Launch App” on the far right side of the page.

- Next, click “Select Token”

- Enter the contract address below into the “Search name or paste address” bar.
RIO contract address: 0xf21661d0d1d76d3ecb8e1b9f1c923dbfffae4097

Alternatively, you can start here:, and on the far right-hand side of the page hit “Trade”.

- Connect a Metamask wallet (Note: Any web3 wallet that can operate in a browser is efficient).

- Make sure your wallet is funded with ETH and swap from ETH to RIO at your desired amount.

Once your trade is executed, you now have RIO!

2. Adding to the pool

Now you have your RIO in your wallet, it’s time to add to the pool. From , select “Pool” in the top left corner.

- Next, select “Add Liquidity”.

- Enter the contact address below into the “Search name or paste address” bar.

Make sure to have both ETH and RIO to add to the pool. Your screen should look like the image below, input the desired number for each token and add to the pool.

2. Staking

- Now we have added to the pool, it's time to stake. Head over to and select “Go to Pools”.

Next, click “select”.

- Approve your amount added to the pool.

After approval of addition to the pool, choose the amount you wish to stake and stake. Sit back back and collect some rewards!

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