Meditation on a Less-than-Stellar Pre-Sale

We are sure that we will be able to make a breakthrough announcement within the next few days… So, stay tuned! But first this:

Our Pre-Sale closed today, and we’ve have not met our goal of selling 2 Million REA tokens. There you have it. No two ways about it. This is the first time I dabbled in raising capital via the blockchain. And I made the mistake of trusting that a well-thought out business idea, and providing in-depth and honest information, would win the day. I know now: it’s mostly about spending huge amounts of cash on marketing, long before any sale of tokens commences. We started marketing for our ICO at the end of October and that was too late.

But, wait a minute, this is not a post-mortem. This is a call to arms, because the ICO will start on Saturday Nov 25th and will last a whole month. A whole month of time to make REALISTO visible to the entire ICO world.

And when it comes to making our idea visible there is good news as well: We have serious interest from a handful of large investors who see outstanding merit in our project, and who will help us to really get the REALISO idea out there! Our Telegram Channel community is very active and is still steadily growing. This is mostly, because me and Leonard have sat at the phones and in front of our computers to answer virtually any question thrown at us over the past 8 days (I’m a bit exhausted, to be honest…). There have been a lot of intelligent and profound questions, which were mostly aimed at how we propose to build the platform, as well as its inner workings.

And our community is right: for me, this entire venture is about building the platform than about anything else. This is where the future lies. We will make that happen! You can bet on it. Literally.

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