REALISTO Weekly Update #3

Exchange Listing Under Way

Many of you have been asking why we are not listed on an exchange yet. Rest assured, we are in the process of securing listings with several exchanges.

Most of the larger exchanges charge listing fees of more than 20 BTC (or 200 to 500 K US $), just to get with them. Understandably, we’d rather be spending this kind of money on platform development. However, many of the well-run and stable exchanges that don’t charge an arm and a leg are so swamped with new applicants that they are seriously busy. As a result, theses exchanges have stopped taking on new token listings until sometime in February. Also, there are several exchanges which do not accept security tokens.

Despite all these of these obstructions, we are indeed confident to be able to secure one or more listing by the middle of February. As already mentioned above, we are in intense negotiations with several exchanges that have taken an interest in our unique business model and, consequently, in our token. We believe that patient negotiation will give our investors a lot more value than panic-splurging on overpriced listings.

Platform Development Update

We now have an ambitious but very much do-able project plan for platform development. We — and the tech people we work with — estimate that in 45 days (starting today) we should be able to roll out a functioning BETA. The beginning of February sees a comprehensive kick-off workshop to get things rolling in earnest. Naturally we’ll keep you posted as to how development is progressing.


Anyone invested (or even mildly interested) in crypto has been following the wild market antics of recent. Bitcoin’s remarkable dive has sent everyone scrambling, safe maybe for those who are in for the long haul anyway. But perception of crypto as a passing bubble is, in our estimation, extremely shortsighted: token offers based on economically feasible and forward-thinking business models will prevail. As to the drastic BTC value loss in recent weeks, this might to a large extent be due to the fact that “old economy” has struck back: stock-exchange listed BTC futures contracts were about to be settled for the first time when it became clear that players have been massively building short positions. We’ve all seen it before, only this time they did it with BTC.

As to REALISTO’s financial strategy: we have been selling off 100 ETH at 1,150 US $ to kick-start platform development. We will, by-and-by, sell more of the crypto when markets have calmed down — and only in quantities as immediately needed for platform development.

Cleaning House: Token Burning

As previously announced, we have burned excess tokens. You may check on process and protocol by clicking on the links below. Total token supply is now at 3,629,667.586 REA, with 1.629.667 in circulation.

Okay, that about wraps it up for this week. Further bulletins as soon as events warrant. Or in next week’s edition of our REALISTO Update. Have a good one.

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Real Estate Investments On The Blockchain: Easy, Safe, Accessible

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