REALISTO Weekly Update #4
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Partnership with Major Exchange Looming Large!

We are on the verge of getting onto a major exchange, with the details being hammered out as you read this. As not all the finer points have been threshed out and we are still negotiating, we feel that it’d be in the best interest of everybody to wait with the final announcement until everything is set down in stone.

But REA token holders may rest assured that it is also in the best interest of the Realisto Team to have a sound and reliably cash-liquid trading place for the REA token. However, once we have finalized the pending deal with the major exchange we mentioned above, it will not be our top priority to get on further exchanges. We feel, instead of running after ever more exchange listings, it is in the best interest of our investors to focus on building the platform. We are, after all, not a pump&dump scheme but a real business operation with a long-term strategy and to foster long-term prospects for our investors.

Platform Development with Powerhouse Development Partner

As to platform development, we are happy to report that we are about to formalize a partnership agreement with a crowdfunding industry powerhouse! Next week sees us going to German banking hub Frankfurt am Main, where we will negotiate the details of a developing partnership. Our new ally is an industry heavyweight who is currently developing crowdfunding solutions for a major German bank. This partnership will contribute immensely to depth and speed of platform development.

New Horizons and New Partnerships

We are still in close contact with potential funding and tech development partners in Dubai. Beginning of March sees us venturing to Dubai to negotiate a partnership agreement which would provide a considerable boost to turning Realisto into a global operation. We’ll keep you posted on that one, because this is a huge opportunity for all of us who are involved in the Realisto project.

Okay, that’s all the news that’s fit to print for this week’s edition of the REALISTO update. Keep at it, people.

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