REALISTO Weekly Update #6

Hi everybody,

this week we have no „hard“ news for you, but nevertheless want to keep you abreast of ongoing activities. First of, and most important, we are steadily going forward with platform development, hitting no snags other than wishing we could be even faster. In order to create the greatest possible impact with the launch of our platform, we are busily at work to form partnerships that will add considerable drive to our efforts in becoming the first and only fully regulated blockchain investment hub.


We are also on our way to show our faces in the blockchain industry, and to this end we aspire to attend the Blockshow Europe in May. Right before that we are at CrowdCon in Frankfurt in March and at BAFIN-Tech Berlin, which is one of the most important gatherings of the regulatory and law-making scene. There will be a host of other opportunities for us to fly the REALISTO flag, which we will announce upon confirmation. We are looking foward to meet as much members of our community in 2018.

Market down, markets up — well, that’s what markets do…

As to recent market developments, we can only say that from our standpoint it’s all good: we are a long-term business venture, not speculators, and the fact that, apparently, most of the “bad” money is getting out of crypto and that the doubters have left the playing field, it is clear sailing from here on in. For everybody who sees the blockchain and ICOs as feasible and above-board instruments for business this is indeed good news! As to pending regulation itself, recent signals from the SEC and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission allow a more positive outlook as to the impact of such regulation. But here at REALISTO we think, that offering honest business models will go a long way in convincing regulators and the public that the blockchain will create real-life value for all concerned.

Rouven and Leonard

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Real Estate Investments On The Blockchain: Easy, Safe, Accessible

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