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Jan 15, 2018 · 2 min read

Fully regulated: The REALISTO PLATFORM coming in Q1 2018

We have exciting news to share with you! First of: the development of our real estate crowd investment platform is in full swing. We have garnered massive interest from project developers and real estate projects alike. This is because we aspire to be the very first blockchain enabled investment platform in the world that is fully regulated according to German law and BaFin (the German equivalent to the SEC). We will also be the first fully compliant crowdfunding platform that accepts virtual currencies as well as FIAT money. Users may invest FIAT or crypto, and may be paid out in FIAT or crypto, according to their preferences. The platform will ultimately generate very high yield for REA token holders since they are participating in the fees project emitters pay to launch their projects on the platform. All you need do to receive your share in the profit is to keep your REA on the platform

Redirecting our focus: platform first!

Building an excellent marketplace for real estate crowdfunding on the blockchain is, and has always been, our primary goal. It is where the greatest potential lies for our investors. It is our goal — and we are well under way of achieving this — to deliver a fully operational platform by the end of the first quarter of 2018. We feel that this is best way to serve our investors. For an ongoing update on the state of development please see the new “progress bar” on our website www.realisto.io. We have also designed a new landing page that affords a more to-the-point communication of our next steps and the overall state of the project.

News regarding the REA token

As to listing the REA tokens on exchanges, we have been working on this since last November. But due to huge traffic on exchanges, triggered by the recent crypto rally, most of them have temporarily stopped listing new tokens or have huge listing fees which we feel won´t fit our budget. However, we are confident that we will be able to announce a listing with one or more exchanges by the middle of February.


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    Real Estate Investments On The Blockchain: Easy, Safe, Accessible

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