You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Ask yourself a few things: 
Would there still be a march if your choice had won the election? Would it be just because she was a woman? 
Do you still not care that she stands by a husband who has sexually assaulted women and gotten away with it? 
Do you feel it is right to try, repeatedly, to overturn the votes of 53% of female voters? 
Don’t women partake in libido treatments and hair restoration methods, too? 
Is a few cents tax, per month, on tampons harder on your wallet than hundreds in new carbon taxes per year? 
Should illegal immigrants, criminals based on that very action, be protected over legal American citizens? 
Do new laws actually prevent domestic abuse and rape? 
Should small business owners have to pay not only for your maternity leave, but also for your temporary replacement, insurance for both employees, plus hold your job each and every time you feel like having a child? 
Do you even own a business or employ anyone? 
Do you understand that people are debating your uterus because you are asking them to pay for it?
Do you not know women and minorities whom earn more, or hold higher positions, than men? Because I know plenty. 
Do you honestly think that men are not judged by their appearance? Passed over for jobs based on age? Have to fight to prove they were raped or molested because “What teen boy or man wouldn’t enjoy sex being forced on them?” 
Yes, I am grateful to those brave women whom have fought for me to have rights, rights that are not under attack at this time, but I will not thank “nasty” women in vagina hats throwing a public hissy fit because they didn’t get their way. 
I used my mind and not my “pussy” to vote. For that, I make no apologies.

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