Not wanting people to be in the country illegally is not racist.
John Nason

So are you saying that no one picking produce is here legally? That seems pretty racist to me. If you want to come to this country do it the right way. No matter how you try to spin it the fact is that anyone here illegally is committing a crime. I live in Houston, I work with and have worked with many immigrants from Mexico that did things the right way, on a work visa and then became citizens. They like me do not like that someone can come here illegally and not have to put in the time and money that they did and yet get better healthcare and benefits. If you are here illegally you should be deported and if you have no convictions you can go through the proper steps to come back legally. And yes, I do have a strong back, it has been supporting illegals through the tax dollars it earns for years since they work for cash and do not pay taxes yet still get all the benefits that Americans work hard for.

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