The Interview

Rachael B.
2 min readOct 15, 2018
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This job should be a walk-in.
I know my stuff, I know it inside out
And I doubt there’s anyone more passionate about it than me
But first.. There’s The Interview.

Ok, so this is the office.
The light’s are too bright.
My top is starting to feel scratchy,
I didn’t dress right.
Wait, why is she touching me? Oh she’s talking; they already want to see me?But it’s early! They said it would be at 3.

Why is her face like that?
It’s not a smile… Or is it?
Should I be smiling back?
Right, so I go through this door…
But I don’t feel ready, I need more… Time.

Oh, the lights are even brighter in here.
The room is whiter
And it feels so small.
I want to leave but I’ve got to stand tall,
Shake hands with this man.
Now I want to wipe his sweat off my hands
But I can’t.
Now he’s scratching his beard, it’s so loud
And I’ve noticed the clock ticking now…
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
Someone else is coming in, how many will there be interviewing me?
1…. 2… 3…
Oh! The smell! Oranges… Coffee… Cheese…
Ok, try not to freeze…
Are they waiting for me to sit down or should I wait for them?
Why is she holding out her… Oh no I need to shake hands again.
What attracted me to this role?

Now this I know.
I can talk about this for hours once I get in the flow
But wait. They’re all looking straight at me.
Am I supposed to make eye contact with all three of them?

“I’m sorry, what was the question again?”



Do you recognise any of this?
Could it be your story? Is it mine..?
What kind of environment do you need in order to shine?
For whom is your workplace really designed?

Do you work in a setting that makes you feel comfortable and able to give your best?
Or does every day sometimes feel like a test?
Our world favours neurotypicals but what about those who are neurodiverse?
Before we can say we’re truly offering equal opportunities,
Before we can honestly see and appreciate every employee’s worth
We need to create places of work that actually work

For all of us.

This poem was written for The Hobbs Consultancy, for the Diverse Minds Conference 2018.

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