No use in denying it I am extremely frightened of these baddies on the platform. They’re definitely hired goons. Definitely O’Riley’s boys after the serum.

Fern Cotton seemed to telegraph what I was thinking. “They’re definitely O’Riley’s boys after the serum”

Fern always laughs and changes the subject but I swear the girl’s a mind reader. Doesn’t matter really she’s saved me more times than I count.

“How are we going to sneak past these baddies” zippy said incredulously in his ear grating nasally tones. I’d forgotten the little brat was on this mission but he’s somehow convinced fern only he can open the gates to Albraltaan. I’ll have to just stomach him for a couple more days.

“Oh Zippy who said anything about sneaking? I dunno about you guys but I’m fackin tired of all this stealth business” Dot Cotton said highly inebriated whipping out her pair of semi automatic pistols. “Punch and Judy wanna say hi to those goons and I can’t control them any longer” dot said manically firing bullets into the air.

Dot is an absolute loose cannon, but my oh my what a woman. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the riches in Albrataan. First we have to get past these baddies on the platform, give Leezo the serum, and let zippy open the gates.

“You still with us?” Fern said cheerily, albeit coated in blood. “While you were off staring into space Dot just took out all the baddies on the platform. “Yeah do keep up you prat” Dot said blowing cigarette smoke into my face.

For the first time in a long time the whole gang was able to smile, even that dullard Zippy.

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