“The truth hurts baby badger” said father badger tiredly, as he hurled his son in to the earthy wall. “Oh let him be, he meant no harm, did you baby badger?” mother badger tittered from the the other side of the burrow. Barely raising her head.

Violence both verbal and physical had become a mundane event in the badger house ever since the incident and it washed off like water off a duck’s back to mother badger.

Baby badger staggered limply to his feet and brushed the grit and grime from his fur. “You want truth?! You can’t handle the truth” he said triumphantly, but no one heard, father badger had left to buy some smokes. ‘I’ll spike his morning porridge for that’ baby badger thought, or did he say it out aloud, he couldn’t tell anymore, his grip on reality began to slip more and more each day since the incident. “No don’t worry baby you’re still in control” he boomed thinking he was merely thinking. “What are you talking about baby?” Mother badger called, “go make yourself useful and collect some brush wood. It’s a green sky night I can tell”.

Green sky nights were the worst. Cold, wet and the constant fear of being taken by the Gronkle. Green sky nights had become a lot more common since the incident. Best to collect as much brush wood before the moon reached its emerald zenith.

Hurriedly baby badger gathered and collected brush wood around the burrow. Father badger should have been back by now. “Just like father badger to go and get smokes when the Gronkle is about. What an absolute moron he is” said baby badger to no one in particular. He had begun talking to himself a lot more since the incident. “Oh am I going mad?” He said forlornly.

“No, you are just beginning to realise your potential” hissed a voice that sound like steel scratching granite. Baby badger whirled round and meant the unblinking stare of the Gronkle. “Baby badger” he hissed again. “I am your father!”

Baby badger dropped his wood and the screeched to the sky “nooooooooo”.

“Huh I guess the truth really does hurt” mother badger laughed peering from her window.