Did you ever Meet the Moon ?

Watch as the lies and Deceit

Unfold right under your feet

Untold truths, so they never speak

For it is not you, but they are the ones who are weak.

Hear me out,

know my worth, i’ve told you nothing but truth

When you were blinded by words they chose to leak

Listening to yourself, does just this;

It gives you justice,

from the illusion of the hidden proof.

But did I ever, Show you what is most clever?

Have I ever mentioned the moon

The way she plays hide and seek

But is always there taunting a peek

Behind the day, She comes shortly after the noon

Then comes the Dawning of the Moon

Did I ever mention the moon

When she wants to play, she hides

But you’ll always know when to seek

Behind billowing clouds, She will peak

Just watch, Wait she will never dissipate

She will show herself, very, very soon.

When you get a chance

Take a look at the moon

The way she tiptoed across the starry night sky

She had got to me, and left me in a trance

And all I could ever do was,


Did you ever see the Moon

The way she looked at you,

From behind not every, but one sandy dune

Peering through sticks and tree’s

She always sees

Through & Through

To what is real; The infinity & beyond What is True.

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