The Simplest Visual Collaboration Tool Meets the Simplest Communication Tool

RealtimeBoard announces a Slack integration.

May 17, 2016 — RealtimeBoard, the simplest visual collaboration tool which is popular among 800 000 product managers, marketers, designers, developers and other creatives, launches its integration with Slack, aiming to help visual thinkers get as productive as possible.

This integration allows to push comments and mentions from boards to dedicated Slack #channels or @users, making it easy to keep track of lengthy comment threads. Each notification in Slack has a direct URL, which links to the point of discussion in RealtimeBoard.

It expands the horizons of visual collaboration, which is the key focus of RealtimeBoard. Initially designed as a tool to help remote teams collaborate as if they were in the same room, RealtimeBoard takes a step forward towards building a seamless process with third-party tools. With the new integration teams can easily track status of their visual collaboration progress, ensuring that everyone’s efforts are aligned towards a common vision.

Thousands of RealtimeBoard users identified integrations as the key to seamless visual collaboration. Starting to combine communication and collaboration tools, the team behind RealtimeBoard is not going to stop, planning to launch several handy integrations in 2016.

RealtimeBoard started in 2011 with a small group of enthusiasts, design lovers, coding addicts and digital collaboration natives. Founders’ background includes advertising, project and event management. The tool was introduced as a response to the increasing necessity of remote visual collaboration. In 2015 the product was completely rebuilt with HTML5, got a design overhaul and an expanded array of features. It’s one of the most upvoted whiteboards on Product Hunt.