3. Reame —NFT/Webcomic Creator Benefits

3 min readNov 28, 2022


Reame is a platform designed with creators in mind, and one that will help redefine the way creators share their work in the years to come. If you’re a creator, you want a unique platform that will help spread the word about your work, while also making it easy to generate an audience. Reame helps do that, and it comes with a large range of benefits for creators as well. With that in mind, here are the things you need to take into consideration!

A great place to post your content

With help from Reame every creator has the ideal place to share their content with readers from all over the world. Not only that, but as you post content, you also have a chance to earn from the creator earnings pool. This is paid on a monthly basis, and it allows you to further monetize your work and generate income from your incredible creation.

Posting NFTs for sale

Another advantage of Reame is the fact that it can help you boost your monetization with help from NFTs. As a creator on the Reame platform, you have the unique capability to post NFTs for sale, and fans are able to purchase those and thus support you. It’s the best of both worlds, and it can help deliver an exceptional, fun experience every time.

Reame funding

If you’re a creator that’s not affiliated with Reame, but you posted upwards of 40 panels on the website, then you can qualify to receive help from the Reame team. This is very helpful since you can access the Reame fund which will help boost your career and help you continue the process of creating and sharing everything with the audience.

Access a wonderful, creator-focused ecosystem

Reame is designed from the ground up to be centered around creators. Not only that, but it also allows direct, immediate interaction with fans. It helps push the limits in a very distinctive way, since it deepens the connection between creators and fans. At the same time, it delivers an incredible experience, and the results can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Alpha Webcomic creator earnings Dashboard

Upcoming monetization opportunities

Reame is working on adding even more ways for creators to monetize their presence on the platform. One of them is a tipping system which will allow users to tip creators directly to show their support and appreciation for their great work.

But this is not all, as Reame is also working on a new feature which allows creators to lock content too. Locking content is helpful because it will require a fee from the fans, and thus creators have yet another way to generate more revenue from their work.

Hosting reward pools

It’s possible for creators to host their own reward pool for those fans that have an NFT from certain series. This is great because holders are able to earn from the creator’s success by staking the NFT, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. That’s a great opportunity and one that creators will certainly enjoy having.


Reame creators have access to a large range of features and that can help them create a wonderful community, while also monetizing their work. It helps deliver the ultimate way to interact with fans, but it’s easier for creators to make a living as well.

It’s even possible for creators and fans to mint NFTs together and thus generate a profit that way. In order for a creator to earn pool rewards, they need at least 10000 views per month and 400 followers. Reame manages to bring in all the necessary tools which allow creators to grow, boost their career and earn a living, while also enlarging their fanbase. If you are a creator, it’s a very good idea to give Reame a try, since it can help bring in extraordinary benefits and outstanding value!




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