5 Keys to IoT Product Development
Brian Ray

I take big, big issue with point number 4. Making a blanket statement like “No you can’t use wifi” and recommending cellular as a replacement is as irresponsible and dangerous as it is flat out incorrect.

While there are plenty of additional considerations for making a wifi device enterprise-grade (compatibility with WPA2 Enterprise/EAP/PEAP/802.11x, use of SSL/TLS, proxy compatibility and associated authentication — to name a few), this does NOT mean wifi is not an option. Quite the opposite. Furthermore, cellular, LoRa, and any number of other wireless technologies are NOT a replacement for wifi, and the technologies don’t even overlap use cases often, enterprise or not.

With regard to security, suggesting that enterprise IT admins will not allow a device on the wifi network for security reasons, but that they would allow an open cellular connection on-premises is both ignorant and wrong. Any device going through a proper network stack via a secured connection is always, always favorable to rogue, expensive, unmanaged one-off cellular connections.

I work in security for a very large Fortune 100 company, we take security VERY seriously, and we deploy wireless devices on the daily. Doing it right certainly isn’t the easiest route, but it’s very possible. Giving this type of advice suggests you don’t and haven’t worked in this environment recently, and may not even understand the basics of these very different technologies, despite your profile’s claims of being a wireless guru. You’re certainly in no position to be giving enterprise wireless deployment advice, at the very least. Please stop.

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