My Experience as an Intern

By Neha Hatangadi

As an 18 year old in the 21st century with seemingly endless amounts of resources at my disposal, I have never realized the amount of water and energy we waste every day. The surprising thing is that students are educated about how energy and water are being wasted, or that waste should be segregated. However, these ideas are not implemented or taught in detail to students. Even if they feel responsible towards these issues, they may not know how to put their ideas into effect or not have the resources to do so.

Students conduct a waste audit of their school to understand their waste better

Reap benefit does not only provide the proper environment and equipment for students to come up with solutions, it also imbibes in the students a sense of responsibility towards the environment and community. In just one week of interning at Reap Benefit so far, I have learnt so much about environmental solutions such as Greywater Harvesting, water conservation using aerators and jets in taps and waste segregation.

Students optimising taps in their school bathroom using UPO (Usage Point Optimisation)

It is important to let the people know that even small changes in our daily schedules can make a huge difference. If one student can save 2 litres of water per day or make a conscious effort to save electricity, just imagine how much water and electricity a whole school can save, or even a whole city! By providing sufficient equipment and guidance to young minds, we can start new and innovative projects for the betterment of society and the environment.

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