A Brief Overview of the Naval Readiness Kill Chain Initiative

A decorated veteran of the United States Navy, Rear Admiral Rick Williams most recently oversaw Navy Region Hawaii and Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific. During his tour at Fleet Forces Command, Rear Admiral Rick Williams supported the Readiness Kill Chain (RKC) initiative through Fleet Forces Assessments.

In an effort to streamline and coordinate efforts between US Fleet Forces Command and US Pacific Fleet, the Navy launched the RKC initiative. The plan was unveiled in 2013 to stream line enterprise initiatives in similar ways lean six methods improve industry practices. Its primary focus aligned efforts to meet growing requirements with evolving capabilities against emerging threats, in a budget constrained environment.

When executed properly, the RKC designates specific stakeholders responsible for different areas of readiness production, thus ensuring every stakeholder and program understands their role and responsibility to deliver readiness in the entire Navy. It outlines what personnel and resources are to be used and how. In addition, descriptions regarding expected results are provided. To guarantee effectiveness, the RKC initiative includes ongoing assessments aimed at improving processes.

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